It seems that one of the applications which are simple to develop is a “group/person locator” with a few variations:

  1. use only text messages and no storage on any cloud storage provider. Your location is private and not shared with the exception of the people you allow to ping you.
  2. use geo-fencing to insure people are bound to an area during a specified period
    • here is the scenarios of children, teens which should be within an area for predetermined periods of time
  3. use data messages and save locations on the server and allow people to query the server locations instead of you directly; less intensive but the GPS locations are on a cloud storage (even if encrypted).
  4. use a Bluetooth device to send a specific message which will trigger an alarm and notify your family that you are in a pickle, they better come and rescue you.
  5. use sensors to detect abnormal movements for a person and trigger in that event a notification for a monitoring company
    • used for elderly persons or recovering at home, unsupervised
  6. allow the new smart speakers to be your “monitoring person”, in an emergency case (special phrases or simple noises over a certain volume) to trigger a notification
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