Micrologic Group is a Canadian company.

We are located in Toronto and have a small team of people (for now) plus a few working remotely.If you want to contact us, please go here. The website is dedicated to mobile software development (aka mobile applications under Android, iOS or Windows Mobile). Our current specializations are in asset management, mobile work dispatching and fleet tracking applications due to our previous working experience and interest in the industry.

Our technical experience spreads from embedded real-time low-level programming to full-stack applications on Windows/Linux platforms. In the last years we added mobile devices software development to our skills.

We like to create/adapt/integrate mobile applications in native software development although we can do cross-development in Xamarin or Javascript. There are arguments to go one way or another but we strongly suggest to go with native software development and exploit the APIs built for each development system.

The blog (vlog in the near future)  is not a rehash of problems for which you can find solutions by searching Stackoverflow or other websites. We will like to raise (rhetorical ?!) questions about the status quo of the current software development, trends and biases in different industries.

Sometimes the time is in short supply to keep up with the news in the industries we are interested because we will try to create and release mobile applications which (we consider) have impact and may present value to other companies or people. For that reason, we are still considering opening a forum for several subjects which are hot on our list or branching into a few areas where potential exists (there is not a single direction/ray light we follow):

  • M2M in other industries than asset management
  • IoT for other industries than transportation
  • raspberry Pi/Beaglebone projects
  • hardware extensions for Android
  • mobile applications in education

If you want to contact us use email, twitter, or simply call us !

Summary: We have experience in mobile applications and wait for your input to create the next best used app in …. (your company, your industry, your market segment, your franchise, etc…).