mobile dispatching made easy

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automatic dispatching

The dispatcher schedules the incoming tasks based on the occupancy of the current mobile force.

follow your workforce

The workforce can be monitored passively or on request at regular intervals.

Schedule based on skills

The workforce can be tagged and scheduled based on different skill levels.

capture signature, bar codes

Signatures, pictures, bar codes can be captured with every job.

workforce time management

Based on the status of each mobile worker, the company can asses the efficiency, cost, productivity for each day. and act pro-actively for their customers.

Reports, charts, analytics

The back-end shows in real-time the workforce activity and its performance.

Route optimization

The web application can show the daily optimized route for each member of the workforce. It also captures the real path and creates reports about time, fuel and driving time.

customer management

The back-end can be used with the existent CRM solutions (Salesforce, VTiger, SugarCRM).

Choose the perfect plan

The plans can change based on the new features implemented or added for different customers.



Per month/USER

billed every 3 months


Per month/USER

billed every 3 months​

Frequently asked questions

Lite Dispatch is a dispatching mobile jobs software comprising a back-end solution ( and mobile apps – Lite Dispatch (for now only on Google Play).

  1. go to and register the admin user by providing an email address and the password
  2. once the email is received press on the link in the body of the email and validate the new account
  3. in the main screen select Account->Organization Settings and set up all the fields for the organization
  4. as a free account, there are a few restrictions:
    • you can have only one login account (admin account)
    • you can add maximum 2 mobile users
    • each day you can schedule maximum 10 jobs/mobile user
  5. add one mobile user account (the one who gets the jobs in the field)
  6. go to Users->Management and press Add button. Fill the fields and write down the email address and the password of the mobile user you added. Those have to be the same as used on the mobile app in the Settings section.
  7. the mobile user has to install the app from Play Store / or Apple Store
  8. after installation the mobile user has to fill in the Settings (user email and password) and press the Confirm user button. After a while, if there is communication between the back-end and mobile app, the section Confirmed in the Settings in mobile app will show a check mark
  9. the web user can start scheduling jobs on the back-end
  10. the mobile user will receive the jobs scheduled for the current day instantaneously
  11. for the mobile app usage please visit the FAQ

The mobile app is free, the access to the web application is free for a limited number of user and jobs. See the price list above.

By accessing the web and using the mobile app, any user is implicitly signing on the privacy policy published here.

The whole idea is to create a generic dispatch application in order to cover many industries. We found the web solutions were lacking the option to collect many types of data available for a mobile device (phone/tablet) and the data analysis and dispatch automation was missing for existent dispatch solutions.

The web application and mobile app are designed to dispatch jobs/tasks and in the same time to collect time, location and status of the workforce. The application is designed to chart and analyze the data collected from mobile users and offer efficient solution for day-by-day use.

White label solutions are available for an extra cost as well as  the integration with third-party services already present in company’s software (CRM, accounting).

Lite Dispatch is a workforce dispatch solution designed for mobile devices and enhanced to optimize decision makers using collected data. Contact Us

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