The list of the current applications released or in development:

Application IconApplication NameDescriptionPlatform supported

Car MaintenanceVehicle maintenance and expenses Android

Fuel LogApplication for fuel log which prevents fuel frauds Android

Micrologic DVIRDriver vehicle inspection reportAndroid

T47 ExpensesManaging expenses, incomes, warranties and vendors on your Android deviceAndroid

Trip LogTracking GPS, idling, geozones, smart template for communicationAndroid

Lite DispatchMobile workforce dispatching and monitoringAndroid

GPS Fuel Log

GPS Fuel Log is more than a fuel application. It is designed to curb internal fuel fraud for transportation companies. The goal is to confirm through data collection than a valid fill-up occurred. The main difference between our application and others is the strict collection of data and the correlation between data points to validate the fill-up.

Car Maintenance

The application has a dual role: management of maintenance operations AND expense management for vehicles. The extra features are:

  1. support for multiple payment methods,
  2. support for multiple currencies and
  3. the option to connect to external sensors for data reading(Plus version)
  4. back-up/support on Google drive (Plus version)
  5. reporting and management on (PRO version)

Trip Log

The application is recording trips by using the GPS/A-GPS sensor on phones and assign them to different data profiles (personal, business). It also detects idling driving, geo-zone activity, allows template forms communication and real-time messaging functionality.

Micrologic DVIR

Driver vehicle inspection report as required by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

T47 Expenses

From Car Maintenance we extracted the expense functionality and packaged it for expense management. There are a few features added:

  1. expenses management
  2. incomes management
  3. warranty management
  4. reminders/notifications for payment methods, incomes, warranties
  5. back-up/support on Google drive (Plus version)
  6. image receipt management
  7. reports/charts and data analysis on device
  8. charts, reports and data analysis on (PRO version)
  9. vendors/payee management with automatic fill-ups based on location

Lite Dispatch

The application can be used only with the back-end application for creating, managing tasks/jobs for mobile workforce.

Each job is created only on the back-end and then sent to one mobile user. Updates are possible from both back-end or mobile user. Each job is flexible with the virtual data it can collect besides dispatching the user to an address:

  • collect signatures
  • collect images
  • read bar-code data
  • read sensors

The application has a few extra features:

  • the work-force time management where the mobile users are filling the status of their schedule adding different information (GPS location, the status of a job,  notes, etc…).
  • chat/messaging
  • routing from current position
Last update – 6 March 2019