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GPS Fuel Log

GPS Fuel Log will help any fleet manager to curb fuel fraud!

What is different

Why would you pick GPS Fuel Log from all other fuel management apps in Google Store?


It may be intuitive for us, but we wanted to give you a hand in using it at full-capabilities.

Pricing Table

The paid application offers enterprise support and integration and a lot more features !

Software Releases

Complete description of each software release features or bug fixes.

PRO Features

What else is added for the enterprise app?

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"What really turned me over was the ability to collect fill-ups and payments information in the back-office reports."
John Spencer
Fleet owner


Real time communication with OBD2

This is only for the PRO version of the applictio

Multilingual & translatable

Translated in French and Spanish.

Amazingly responsive

Versions available for smart phones and tablets.

Easy to use interface

Simple, intuitive user interface. Online help is available from app's pages.