The back-end solution for integrating several mobile applications for fleet management

Managing Fleets

Trip Log

Trip recording, geozone detection, driver's activity.

Fleet Repairs

Schedule all repairs and their cycles, manage the costs and create reports.

Managing expenses

Manage expenses, incomes, warranties and more.

Fuel Management

Curb fuel fraud with this implementation.

Driver Vehicle Inspection

DVIR as requested by USTA.

Real time auto**

Engine to read and compute in real time notifications with data obtained from OBD2.

Fleet Gateway solution

Fleet Gateway (www.fleetgateway.com) is the name of the software product developed for vehicle and fleet management. It is composed of several services which are supporting communication with mobile devices, data synchronization and web management.

For now we have several mobile applications which are all integrated in Fleet Gateway:

  • Fuel Log Pro
  • Car Maintenance Pro
  • Trip Log Pro
  • Micrologic DVIR
  • T47 Expenses

We have already released other app for Field Service / Field Dispatching / Mobile Workforce Management – Lite Dispatch