Micrologic dvir

Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report

This is the standard pre/post vehicle inspection required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). We designed the application interface similar to the paper filling known to truck drivers.

As with all our applications the free version is limited by the number of inspections recorded and the number of reports you can send in a week interval. The paid version removes these limitations and the subscription version allows backup/restore to Google storage as well as back-end support on our website fleetgateway.com.


It may be intuitive for us, but we wanted to give you a hand in using it at full-capabilities.

Pricing Table

The paid application offers enterprise support and integration and a lot more features !

PRO Features

What else is added for the enterprise app?

"Easy to use, instant saving on cloud and notifications for repairs.
The fleet reports are a time saver!"
tony romano
Fleet manager