Fleet Gateway (www.fleetgateway.com) is the name of the website we developed for fleet and asset management. The web site is composed by several independent modules which are supporting communication with mobile devices, data synchronization and web management.

For now we have several mobile applications which are all integrated in Fleet Gateway:

  • Fuel Log Pro
  • Car Maintenance Pro
  • Trip Log Pro
  • Micrologic DVIR
  • T47 Expenses (in development)

We have in plan to release other apps:

  • Trip Dispatching (with ..)
    • work task monitoring
  • geozone management
  • Real-time rule engine with email notifications
  • connectivity to external devices (GPS/bluetooth/wi-fi etc…)

Why is the back-end application different than other fleet management solutions?

  1. It is the buffet version of everything else you experienced (in fleet management)
  2. Can be easily integrated with any black-box in the market which allows in cabin communication
  3. It is easily scale-able and deploy-able
  4. Can be deployed in the cloud or on customer’s premises
  5. Has map integration with different GIS providers
  6. Detailed reporting at management level
    • fuel tax reports
    • driver meals taxes reports
    • fuel consumption reports
    • trip details and summary reports
    • maintenance reports
    • proximity search at a specific time
    • geozone reporting
    • idling reporting
    • trip expenses with scan receipt support
    • driver detailed expenses
      • for payment cards
      • for currencies
      • for expense categories
      • for each truck