Fuel fraud is a well known problem for fleet managers.It has different manifestation, from employees using the fuel cards for personal use (internal fraud) to skimming operations (external fraud). Please read this article to get a view of the problems.

We designed and released two Fuel Log applications on Play Store. One of them is free and has mobile advertising, the other, Plus, has an yearly fee, which allows you to save/restore on the cloud and the advertisements are disabled.

Recording simple fuel consumption was not the impetus for the application, but the stepping stone to monitor and report abnormal situations.We released three versions in order to allow small companies to understand the benefits of having a integrated solution for fuel management. The free version is for one vehicle only, the Plus version allows management of many vehicles, the PRO version is for passive or active monitoring of all fuel operations and access to reports, driver management and notifications in case of fuel fraud detection.

What is different in our application?
  1. collecting GPS position at the time a fuel record is created
  2. requiring a picture of the receipt
  3. requiring a picture of the dashboard

The GPS position is used to correlate the address and time recorded on the receipt. The picture of the dashboard adds the mileage at the time of gas fueling. At this moment, there is no automation to scan the receipt and withdraw the data from the receipt (OCR function).

For a full differentiation of the three versions please visit page.

The PRO with support for back-end fleet reports may add other features for a more detailed monitoring of the fuel management for businesses:

  1. detection of possible fuel frauds by comparing the date/time of the receipt with the one of the record created when the fuel operation happened
  2. detection of the vehicle position via GPS against the address read from gas station
  3. gas purchase more than the fuel tank capacity
  4. type of gas purchase different than the type used by the vehicle**


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