Why us ?

Are you currently using a fleet management solution?

If not, here is what we cover through our application, Fleet Gateway (https://fleetgateway.com) :

  • driver management (qualifications, updates)
  • fleet management
  • trip management
  • geo-fence notifications
  • DVIR reports
  • fleet maintenance
  • fuel management
  • fleet expenses
  • IFTA reports
  • free form data collection**

If you are not interested in all features described below we made it possible to bundle only some of them in a unified interface. I cannot emphasize how elegant, time-saving and business-like is to have a single point of entry for all manual operations most of the fleet managers are dealing with daily.

Are you interested in watching a demo?

Call us at 647 479 7754 or email at support AT micrologicgroup.com!

Why us ?

  1. Coverage of the areas of fleet management – maintenance, trips, fuel, DVIRs, expenses,
  2. Unified management for drivers, vehicles, fleet managers and fleets
  3. users of the application may have different roles and responsabilities
  4. Vehicle management and vehicle in fleet reports
  5. Reports, charts based on fleets
  6. The option to pick and choose areas of fleet management you are interested in (not the whole bundle)
  7. We are in the cloud, so scalability and reliability are part of the basic service

Based on the analysis of the existent solutions offered, there is no coverage of all services offered as in  our application. Some company offer only trip logs, other only fleet maintenance, other only driver management. And we plan to add other specialized services.

P.S If you are here for field service software please visit this page !

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