Most of the truck drivers are using phones or tablets in order to communicate with their companies, for information, reporting or instructions. In fact, based on WEX data:

89% of fleet managers say they use smartphones on the job, 73% say they use a tablet”

How can we help the fleet operators?

Are you interested in detecting fuel fraud

The GPS Fuel Log application is designed to record the purchasing of fuel along with adjacent data validating refueling. There is an elegant solution to detect the vehicle was indeed at the gas station location, more details here.

Are you using DVIR (driver vehicle inspection reports)?

The mobile application we developed and released not only do what is required by law but also can incorporate pictures and create reports for the whole fleet. Intelligent reports for a fleet of vehicles may uncover systemic problems or may alert the fleet manager for unpredictable costs.

Are you tracking trip mileage or geo-fence events?

Are you using IFTA reports? We have them on mobile phones – Trip Log.

Are you keeping track of expenses and incomes? We have them on mobile phones, with charts, reports, suggestions.

Are you monitoring the field service workforce? We have a solution for it.

If you need more information, please call 647 479 7754, email to  or visit to send us a message.


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