Today, October 4 2017, we released an update to Trip Log. We are a little bit late in updating our apps to significant changes regarding application permissions coming with Marshmallow and Nougat APIs, but is better late than never. Here are the features implemented in the new release:

  • for phones earlier than Marshmallow and Nougat APIs, the launch process is the same; for all others there is a permission dialog prompting the user to allow access to folders/files and GPS sensor.
  • the trip tag entry screen was updated to a cleaner version
  • the vehicle editing screen was updated with the save/cancel/delete buttons moved in the action bar
  • FREE version allows two vehicles instead of one
  • still, no ads in this version

Why the application need access to storage?

The app is using a database and for backup/restore operations creates temporary files/folders locally.

Why the application need access to GPS?

We plan to release a version where the user could add a trip based in departure/arrival locations but the whole purpose is to use GPS in order to record all locations within a trip.