Version 1.92 – 20 October 2017

  • fixed some of bugs regarding expenses and vendors
  • added “Find Vendor” by location using Web APIs
  • added “vendor card” picture

This version is a step forward on getting more control on the vendors. The feature which was added is visible on the Vendors tab menu. If you want to automatically detect the vendors which are around your location, just press search icon and the workflow will end up by adding one vendor based on proximity of the user location. If location service is not enabled the user is asked to enable it and try again to detect what vendors are around. The search is done for 100 meters around the user location and the results are presented in a list containing the name and address of the vendor. By selecting one of them the entry screen for vendors is automatically filled with the selected data. Provided data is for the name, address, location, web address and phone (if available).

The update is one step further to provide more information about vendors and a way to get their contact info. The picture of the vendor card is an easy replacement for loyalty/points card. The user should take a picture of the bar-code on the existing card and the image becomes an easy replacement for the card.


Version 1.91 – 11 September 2017

  • fixed some of bugs regarding expenses and vendors


Version 1.7 – 5 September 2017

  • This was the official release of the application on Play Store.
  • For a detailed information about the app please see T47 Expenses page.