We postponed an update for Car Maintenance because realized the Google store is good for individual selling which was not our intended audience for the first release of the Car Maintenance. In hindsight the name of the app is not representative for its main target market – to serve the truck drivers on keeping up with maintenance and expenses. For this single reason we might decide to split the application and make one appealing for family/individual use and one for truck drivers. Until then here are the features comprised in the new release:

  • version available for 7″ and 10″ tablets as well
  • added AdMob advertising ads from Google (that will be the subject on another post)
  • in-app purchases
    • photo receipt: it allows to store/retrieve and compress the image for receipts
    • version plus: it removes all ads and constraints from the free version of the app
  • back-up/restore on Google Drive(plus version)
  • updated interface with help from Material Icons (thank you, Google !)
  • fixed different bugs regarding the interface
  • new reports and charts (some of them available only for Plus version)
    • new weekly/monthly reports and charts for expenses
  • allowed instant synchronization vs scheduled sync (in Expenses List Screen)
  • changed interface to support expenses categories associated with colors
  • summary lines included in views and reports