We were thinking to add an option for application Trip Log, where the user, for some reasons, wants to add a trip which somehow was not recorded using the mobile device. The adventure of implementing it became a few days of work, covering a few scenarios:

  1. the user has to choose the vehicle, the start date/time of the trip and the odometer value at the beginning of the trip
  2. obviously, the user has to pick the locations for start/end trip
  3. the app will provide the following options
    1. a map to pinpoint the exact locations to start/end trip
    2. a dialog box for driving the map in the area of the trip
    3. will show the path for the trip along with calculated distance and time
    4. will verify that for the specified time interval there is no overlapping trip
    5. will verify for the specified trip the odometer values are not overlapping another trip
    6. based on start time of the trip it will help the user with the available values for odometer

Basically the problem, was to guide the user to add/insert a trip in such a way that is not breaking the values already recorded by the application.

We realized the major decision was to allow the user to specify the start date/time of the trip and check whether it is possible to insert the trip.

From a presentation level, the user should detect when the trip was “manually” inserted versus recorded using the GPS/network on the phone (and there is such an attribute defined).

In order to curb the “play” factor, we decided to not allow trips where the direct distance between locations was higher than 1000 km.

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If you need a step-by-step presentation please follow the Trip Log FAQ !

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