Recently we have been updating our website with new content and especially new format and services used in the existent apps. Most of the time is just updating the look, the features in old-apps, nothing to open new revenues. In fact I am a bit frustrated not working on the real milestones on our projects. One thing we realized is that the message we convey with the web site is obfuscated in navigation, it is not clear what we offer and what we are really selling. So we decided to spruce up the look and bring the content to the first landing page.

We spent some time on social media channels, just to keep us informed and also to make us known, to spread the word about our projects, reach out to customers and even possible employees. We are maintaining at least three different websites:

  1. – is the support for mobile apps and blogging platform for us and where all news are posted first. It is used as an on-line helper for our apps and clients
  2. – is the back-end for our subscribers for fleet tracking
  3. – is the back-end for mobile workforce dispatching
  4. – is another website just for contracting work

If we are talking about web API services and other system services we are employing at least 2-3 other cloud resources. That is a lot of extra-work just to fly above the horizon, not talking about the real-work we are doing for our apps and back-end systems. How are the small companies (less than 6 people) manage to do all this? Are you contracting, partial-outsourcing or doing all in house?