The blog you are reading does not have a clear orientation because we have a few categories defined internally on topics we like to share:

  1. consulting – we are still doing it and have another website where details of our process are better explained
  2. entrepreneur – hope to still can survive the first five years …
  3. android, ios – specific problems encountered in development which might get an answer on Stackoverflow
  4. cloud – all of our web servers and API services are on cloud
  5. mobile apps – what is specific to them and sometimes decisions taken a long time ago might impact future design and potential deals
  6. organizational changes – how our company  is surviving as a social structure; rules, directions we follow and insights from our experience
  7. software frameworks – this is an interesting topic as we already have chosen our stack, frameworks and tools

In conclusion, if you are interesting in only one category, choose it from the menu and browse our ramblings.The list is kind of simple, but an image with the interlinked connections among them would be more open to comments.

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