When you start a new company (that is text book in any entrepreneurship course) you alleviate a major pain in the consumer’s life (or improve a business process, or …). Basically people will use it because there is a real benefit in the real world.

I just wonder how many small SUCCESSFUL businesses started like this. If you hit the nail from the first attempt you are a “rara avis”. People are buying into a business or start small and have a breakthrough or toil years until the real gem emerges. The most important feature I see is in continually evaluating the trajectory and administer corrective maneuvers. I prefer a boring business which wanders and survives until the light of the end of the tunnel is reached than sudden raises and quick falls. The most important lessons I did learn are about surviving financially in a boring company. Observe the market, capture and dissolve enemies, entice big whales with glittering fish and then deliver in grand moves. Add financial  power for the bold moves and then, maybe, venture in releasing something new, something  (r)evolutionary.

If you look around, the majority of all businesses rarely have the “breakthrough” movements. Most of the time they run in incremental steps (or random fancifully designed steps).

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