We started Fleet Gateway in 2017, and the first software iterations had different shortcomings which made it hard for some of the users to adopt it, especially on mobile platforms. It was our first project in integrating and building the mobile apps, the front-end, the back-end and the services supporting communication, monitoring and notification systems.

Since then, we have been updating and testing some other concepts  in order to make the system resilient against abuse, scalable and easily integrated with other software providing complementary functions. We tried to adapt through upgrades coming from data service providers (map providers, mobile platforms, cloud services) without major shutdowns.

Currently( the software version 1.3.4) supports:


The website is mobile friendly.

DVIR support

DVIR mobile app it is integrated on the back-end.

Image collection

The back-end supports image display and collection in a generic way (i.e for other potential mobile applications).

Full HTTPS support

This is a long post about supporting secure connection after upgrading our servers.

Layered service

The system is flexible to support in an integrated way all mobile applications that may be used in an enterprise.