In the last month we were preparing to release a beta version of Lite Dispatch, which is a  dispatch solution for mobile workforce. It is not just an application but the whole back-end system to manage a mobile workforce.We want to open the app for companies interested in trying it out for a limited number of users with all features currently developed.

The intent has a little bit more than to crowd out in the already saturated market. As always we started scanning was it is already out there and came with a matrix of features which we scored as below:

Features – Service Dispatch



Score 1-10

In Lite Dispatch order management10yes worker managementgives access to mobile workers and monitors them 10yes
3.service portalthis is the access point where new jobs are recorded and the management components have to be implemented6yes access6yes
5.routing – it can be implemented local or at the web serverwith today technology it can be easily done at the mobile app level5yes
6.job trackingknow at every moment the location and status of the daily jobs4yes
7.job managementit’s a compulsory attribute of any dispatch softwareyes
8.billing & invoicingmostly based on lines 10, 117partially
9.customer managementfor a simple preparation of the invoices and billing6yes
10.inventory controleach job can be associated with a number of products and the hours associated with it6no
11.time management for mobile workforcethis is the status of the mobile worker6yes
12.instant communication with workforceyou can simply phone them or messaging but it is ideal to have everything stored in one place5yes workforce location tracking if you have instant dispatching it is the ideal situation to know location and the status of the mobile workforce 7yes
14.user location in real timeat predefined intervals or on demand6yes
15.PBX integration at the application leveluse the application interface to receive/call and interact with customers6not yet
16.integration with CRM software (like Saleforce, MS Dynamics)pulling data for customers or pushing collected data 6no
17.reporting on multiple criteriabased on collected and pulled data (see 16.) to be able to present reports for workforce, customers, etc…9yes
All the features considered for a service dispatch system

The procedure to enroll in the try-out is simple:

1. register your main administrator on the login page –

2. send us an email about your company and why are you interested to try Lite Dispatch ( at support AT

3. based on the load on the staging servers we will enable your account for a free use of the web application and related mobile applications (for now only Android is deployed)