As stated in other posts, we believe in a custom view of each business through data streaming, with fleet operators being interested in solving their problems at different levels (fuel, drivers, dispatching jobs, collecting driver’s expenses, etc…) based on business requirements. That is the reason our company offers a range of mobile applications with a single point of entry in the back-end (www.fleetgateway.com) supported by many micro-services:

  • fuel management
    • fuel consumption
    • fuel fraud prevention
    • fuel taxes reports
    • fuel comparison per route
  • fleet maintenance
    • centralized notifications based on custom rules
    • maintenance based on mileage, engine hours or time
  • trip management
    • last locations
    • idling reports
    • form based communication
    • trip speed reports
    • geo-zone  reports
    • trip expenses
    • fleet/truck utilization reports
  • driver management
  • driver vehicle inspection
  • job dispatching
  • driver expenses
  • ROAs

Our final goal is to support all mobile applications with one back-end solution and enable only what is required by each business at the mobile level. On the back-end systems (www.fleetgateway.com) the owner/fleet operator is able to analyze data in great detail and have a overall view for the assets, fleets, departments, drivers.

The management of the fleet, drivers, access rights via mobile applications is only possible through the web site.

What is visible on Google store is just a part of the mobile enterprise applications features. The communication and synchronization part with the back-end is missing completely. Access to www.fleetgateway.com is only for customers running the mobile enterprise apps.


We encourage all interested companies to contact us for demos of the mobile enterprise applications and of the web site www.fleetgateway.com.