Why do we offer so many applications?  Why not one monolithic app with all the bells and whistles ? Several reasons, like …

  1. we are not the only ones offering mobile apps for asset management; overlapping with others’ apps is not our intention
  2. too many features on a small screen is challenging to design and for user to learn how to use them
  3. at this moment, users have different needs and selectivity at low prices might be an incentive to try one of ours ; instead of paying one price for features not needed, pick one feature you need (like control fuel logs) and test our approach, add it to you fleet management
  4. value is derived from really diving into problems and offering more than the obvious solution. An example is simple GPS tracking, there are many companies and even open source projects handling it but what is the value offered, in our app?
    • show statistics about driver’s activity
    • show idling, driving, rest periods
    • show activity in geozones
    • leave the app in background (motion sensor driven)
    • allow customized/canned messaging (at customers/loading/leaving customer/in customs …)
    • reports and charts generated on device (no need to back-end support)
    • reading external sensors
  5. slices of functionality can be easily combined (on demand) than splitting a large application
  6. the same approach is reflected on the back-end where micro-services are combined to support only parts of the mobile apps
  7. even for single application we devised a mechanism where the enterprise user is selecting and buying only the parts useful to him. As an example for Car Maintenace there are three in-app purchases:
    • Service plus – all the limitations in usage are removed, along with ads
    • support for receipts recorded with expenses
    • a larger number of reports and charts available for view or to emailed


The key differentiation of our business is treating singular problems from multiple point of views, based on the needs of the users and offering different pricing points.