The dashboard has a vertical layout presentation:
  • with the vehicles managed shown in a drop down list
  • followed by details about selected vehicle: the odometer and last inspection recorded
  • followed by a summary of the last 10 driver vehicle inspections ; in the summary the user has a glimpse of the date, location, carrier, trailer info and odometer at the date of the inspection and the note/remarks of the vehicle inspection
From this screen, you can:
  • change the vehicle (and accordingly displaying the vehicle inspections associated with it)
  • change the application settings
  • see the menu (swipe from left to right)
  • filter the selection of the vehicle inspections (press the button on the same line with “Last Trip Inspections”)
  • add a new driver vehicle inspection
  • view ONLY vehicle inspections recorded (records can only be viewed, deleted or emailed)
Note: The application does not allow to change a vehicle inspection if it is not the last for selected vehicle.
The settings allows to fill-up some of the fields of the inspection with constant values (that can be changed before the report is saved) for report speed generation :
  • User name
  • Carrier
  • default email address for reports