08 One of the main complaints of the GPS implementations is the driver doesn’t know when some of the business rules are broken, when the combination of data collected does not fulfill the corporate rules. There are mild alleviations of the problem by adding buzzers, LEDs, etc.. but a concrete and universal solutions is missing. With mobile applications, the feed-back is instant and meaningful.The second problem with GPS implementations is the need to have a back-end connection. All the business rules are applied after a three way data communication occurs:

  1. from device to back-end
  2. data is analyzed and rules applied on the back-end
  3. data is sent back (or not) and only then the driver is aware of the incident


All our mobile applications are independent of the back-end. All the rules apply locally (in device) and are presented to the user/driver as soon as data collection occurs. The driver is kept in the loop and can correct his driving habits or comply with the business rules immediately.