In Car Maintenance, the money/expense management was a little bit more than a simple expenses/incomes transaction based implementation, so our improvements were:

  • categories for expenses
  • support for multiple currencies
  • photo receipt with improvements for the size of the image stored, in order to reduce storage for pictures
  • reports and charts based on periods and categories for expenses
  • easy implementation for recurring expenses
  • backup/restore on Google drive

What was missing, we thought, from many apps on the market is the notification/reminder feature which applies for future expenses. The situation arises when the user receives an invoice/expense/income with a due date and wants to be notified before.

Expenses are usually fed by a stream of revenues/incomes which were also added to our app, and received the full treatment – management, charts, reports.

The application is supporting payment accounts (with currency) with notifications for due dates.

Another feature we wanted to include was support for a by-product of the expense – warranty.

So here are all features of T47 expenses:

  1. expenses, recurring expenses, future expenses with notification
  2. incomes, recurring incomes, incomes with notifications
  3. payment accounts, accounts with notifications for due payment date
  4. warranties, linked to expenses
  5. categories for expenses, incomes, warranties
  6. multiple currencies support
  7. support for photo receipts, photo cheques, photo for warranties (bar codes, dates, etc…)
  8. reports and charts for expenses, incomes, accounts
  9. backup/restore on Google drive (PRO version)
  10. reports, charts for expenses, incomes, warranties
  11. reports in HTML format emailed for further handling