We chose to add a new app for car maintenance because we discovered the segment for truck drivers and long hauls trucks is not properly served, or the level of service is attached to a piece of hardware which is hardly justifiable. What is different from other apps:

  1. a full expenses module which supports different accounts/payment methods/payment cards
  2. expenses in different currencies
  3. a complex methodology for recurring expenses
  4. maintenance based on time, mileage, engine hours
  5. for maintenance, the service operations could be linked with expenses
  6. OBD2 support for automatic updates vs. manual updates of the odometer, engine hours and even DTC codes (for enterprise edition)
  7. fleet integration on the back-end www.fleetgateway.com
  8. for data analytics at the fleet/business level you can rely on www.fleetgateway.com

At the same time, in the near future we will release a version for the not-professional driver of Car Maintenance with information pertinent to her/him:

  • what should be the recommended car maintenance services for each mileage depending on the car manufacturer
  • the expenses component will be stripped away; we already released another app with far more features – T47 Expenses
  • as with every product we launch, we eat “our-dog-food”: the products are tested in different conditions and discussed internally and as a consequence we decided to protected the data on the mobile phones even when for the “rooted devices”.
  • for the enterprise version of our apps, the traffic between device/phones/tablets and our servers is over HTTPS but “for now” the data is stored in the sand-box of the app offered by the Android system.