blog_post4 Our mobile applications are adapted to different hardware platforms and consequently to different prices for building a fleet monitoring system.

  1. active data collection, mobile data required
  2. passive data collection, dump data periodically
  3. independent application with all reports, management on the phone/tablet – no back-end required

Active data collection

For the fleet operator who is in need to stay in permanent contact with drivers, there is the GSM/GPRS solution with devices available in a large spectrum. Every data update is transmitted to the backend and also shown on the mobile app. One example is “Last Locations” for fleet on

Passive data collection

This is for the scenario where data is analyzed later and only to follow certain conditions (route adherence, geozone touching, etc…). For these scenarios, the companies can use cheaper hardware devices with only WIFI capabilities. The software captures data and dumps it only when there is data connection. There is no need to have a mobile data plan and the entry point for tablets and devices is very low (under 100$ threshold).

Independent mobile application

All our mobile applications are independent of the back-end and for small operators is more than enough. Having a thick client with backup/restore capabilities, emailing reports (or charts) is what small businesses are asking for. For fleet management our back-end flexible solution is offering reporting, user and rights management for the whole enterprise.


Based on the data usage we strongly recommend to have a preliminary analysis of the user case scenarios and only then choose the optimal hardware equipment.